DDR-7 FM,DAB+,bluetoot,OLED display,батерија

WxHxD in mm : 116 x 73.5 x 65
  • Залиха: од лагер
  • Бренд: Sangean
  • код: Sangean-DDR-7
Залиха: од лагер
Радио во дрвена кутија со напредни можности како бежично Bluetoot поврзување. FM радио плус дигитално DAB+ радио. Вградена батерија со голем капацитет. Микро USB приклучок за полнење. AUX in за дополнителен извор на звук. Лесно читлив OLED дисплеј

The Genuine Mini DAB is the most charming radio you've ever seen. But do not underestimate its powers! This DAB+/FM receiver with classic look has a speaker that will surprise you, and of course an acoustically tuned wooden cabinet, like a retro radio! Listen to your favorite radio stations in digital quality through this small version of your conventional table top radio. Despite its classic look, the Genuine Mini DAB has very modern features. You can listen to your own music via an AUX input and connect any compatible device via Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. The Mini radio has 36 hours of battery life after been fully charged!
Receiver DAB, DAB+, FM
Requirements Bluetooth
Compatible Audio No
Alarm functions No
Clock No
Connections Aux-in
Waterproof No
Speaker system Stereo
Power supply Built-in battery
Preorder Product Availability Date Oct 30, 2018

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